Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 13 - 23 Weeks and 3 Days

Doom and gloom and bad news? Not going to make it? Don't continue with the pregnancy? I don't think so brotha!!!

We finally got some encouraging news today, Thursday. This morning, Erin had a sonogram. As we expected, she still has very, very little to no amniotic fluid. However, the doctor said the baby is doing great! She is showing signs of breathing which is a HUGE praise! Thank you father for taking care of Sidney as only you can!!

The doc said that she is growing normally and that she had a full bladder. If she had a full bladder, that means she has SOME fluid in there to exercise her lungs. Praise God for this news! We really were excited and encouraged by this. Sidney GRACE has continued to beat science and medicine because of the Lord's strength! What great news!!!

Erin was able to get a laptop yesterday, Wednesday. As you can imagine, she's getting pretty bored. I mean, she has been laying in a bed for 11 straight days!!! All the patients on her floor are in the same situation as she is. On bed rest, praying for a good outcome, bored out of their minds. So they can only get the laptop for a few hours each as they share it across the floor. Well, when Erin got it, she did some research on "preemies". A lot of different information out there, but the consensus was, at 23 weeks the baby has about a 15% chance of surviving. However, at 24 weeks that percentage increases to 50%! Every week she stays in Erin, the percentages get higher and higher that she'll make it. The stats are encouraging, but I know that none of it matters. It could be 1% or 99%, it makes no difference. The Lord has plans for this little girl and we have to give it up to Him.

As Erin was getting really bored, some guys from church took a DVD player up to her. I decided to stop off and get her some chick flicks. Erin and I are usually on the same page with movies. I'm not a big fan of the bang, bang, ridiculous shoot em' up Van Damn genre, and she, THANKFULLY, keeps all the "Australia" type movies way away from me. She knows if I had to sit through a movie like that, I would vomit all over myself. Seriously, I would rather be kicked in the face repeatedly for 2 hours than have to sit through "Chocolat".. What a beating!!

Anywho, I got her a few titles that I thought she would enjoy. I have no clue what any of these movies are about. One of the movies I chose was "Revolutionary Road". If you have seen this movie, you are already saying to yourself "Oh No!" If you haven't, and don't want a spoiler, skip the rest of this paragraph. I called Erin this morning to check on how she liked my movie choices. She went on to tell me how Revolutionary Road was one of the most depressing movies she had ever seen!!! Oops! In the future, I'll be much more careful about the movies I choose for her. Girls reading this, if you'd like to post some good girl movie suggestions, please feel free... You can't do worse than I did my first go round...

I also had to come home early today to take Faith to her first "meet the teacher night". I can't believe my little girl will start school Monday! There were at least 5 classes for the morning and five classes for the afternoon. We were praying that Faith would be in the same class as her good friend Natalie. Not only would she be more comfortable, but Natalie's parents are great friends of ours and live right here by us. They have offered to help take Faith to and from school. Naturally, we hoped that at the very least she would be in the same morning session as her friend Natalie. But, as I registered Faith just yesterday, we weren't assured of anything. Well, another prayer answered! Not only were they in the same session, they were in the same class!! What an awesome God we serve huh?!! I didn't tell any of the people at the school about what's going on in our lives. It was totally God doing His wonderful work.

At work today, a woman I work with volunteered to get us some groceries. She said a lot of people pitched in and they would like to help us out. When she returned with the groceries, and I saw all the food, I was absolutely overwhelmed. I felt like crying. So many people are serving us during this time. So many people have done so many things, not the least of which is saying a prayer or sending a nice email. I would not trade my family and friends for anyone's in the world. I only hope that someday I can return the favor to all of you..

What a great day the Lord has made! Finally, a post that we can get behind huh?!

Praying for one more day..


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  1. AWESOME!!! Praying hard for you guys. The Russell's